The website is launched!


It finally happened, I finally launched my baby… Allure Couture – The Bespoke Bikini Boutique is finally up and running!

I realised that yesterday was also the day I just HAD to share the last 5 years of my life… as you do (a Lucy classic epiphany moment in the car whilst driving my son to school is pretty much a daily occurrence where it HAS to be done and it HAS to be done NOOOOW!)

I just don’t think I could really articulate what the last few years has been like really without just showing you all the pictures, I had no idea i’d even be using them for this at a later date. I was doing one thing, KEEPING MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE.

See us fitness peeps do that, take a lot of piccies – often misconstrued as vanity on social media, the reality being we’re absolute stubborn buggers that just will not back down. If you’ve released a goal to the world on social media, by hook or crook it’s bloody getting done!

So rather than me waffle on, take a look!

Life really does work in mysterious ways sometimes and it’s always for the better. Even if at times you do feel like everything is against you, all you ever have to do is take the next step…


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