Every time I watch this I cry…

I don’t mean a polite little sniffle either… I’m talking full on ugly cry face…

There were over 4,000 views on my personal page, I’m fairly certain AT LEAST 3,999 of them were from me.. because it makes me THAT emotional…

It signifies everything, from being led to start a company on absolute blind faith, the late hours sewing, deciding where to place each and every Swarovski crystal, creating the custom beadwork to finally sitting back and looking at the completed designs in awe of what I had created. Sometimes I genuinely felt like I’ve been possessed!

I am fascinated by people, but the journey to fitness is something very unique. We all live such busy lives, many juggling full time jobs and parenthood.

What is it that propels them to take them to stage?

How do they make time in their day to do that training?

What makes training and that competition a total non-negotiable?

Did someone tell them they could never do it?

Did they overcome a pain so big that the only way to get through it was lifting weights and evolving as a person?

Were they led by an uncontrollable force whereby they knew this was just something they HAD to do?

A year ago I had a vision to create a show bikini company celebrating the athletes journey to stage as well as providing the bikinis to help empower them to stand proud of their achievements.

Allure Couture was born.

If you don’t know already, I’m a lady that doesn’t do anything half arsed… so what better way to launch a company than by doing a video with a team of ladies that inspire me every day…

The #ACARMY are business owners, fire fighters, mothers, personal trainers and are all different shapes and sizes. We aren’t striving for perfection but are uniting with the drive to want to be better than we were yesterday, never giving up, always pushing forwards and to support each other… no matter what.

I am honoured to stand next to each and every one of them.

Will you be next to join us?


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